Very Mary Connections offers marketing communications expertise and strategic business development for corporations, community and/or non-profit organizations, healthcare providers and retail clients.

  • Comprehensive understanding of marketing and communications strategies
  • Research, analyze, track and provide recommendations for business development opportunities, report on industry trends and competitor activities
  • Manage project objectives and scope, determine roles and responsibilities, establish expectations and deliverables, verify schedule and cost estimates
  • Communicate with internal and external team members, report progress, document issues and recommendations, and disseminate information
  • Supervise vendors, negotiate contracts and monitor schedule and cost to ensure accuracy, efficiency and cost effectiveness
Traditional Marketing
  • Manage brand identity and create marketing materials for print/digital uses
  • Supervise creative services, create graphic design, content development and print management
  • Direct advertising campaigns and negotiate media buying
  • Administer press releases and build relationships with media representatives
  • Coordinate meetings, trade shows, conference and events and supervise materials, promotions, and vendors
Online Marketing
  • Develop content, create design and third-party tools and application integration for websites
  • Supervise ecommerce websites (sales, ticketing, reservation) websites and implement strategies to bolster online sales
  • Provide analysis and report on site metrics, identify search engine optimization (SEO) criteria, create strategic plan for enhancements
  • Manage online advertising campaigns and evaluate effectiveness
Social Media Marketing
  • Monitor trends and determine appropriate social media channels and applications
  • Create a cohesive online brand experience and provide social media customization
  • Provide webinars and blog support
  • Facebook campaigns, customization and strategies
  • LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and other digital applications customization and strategies
  • Manage social media campaigns, promotions and day-to-day activities