Greenbrier Marketing Materials

While at Greenbrier, I worked with the Vice President of Marketing to redevelop all of the marketing materials. Since most of the collateral had not been updated in five to ten years, I worked closely with the Engineering department to ensure the accuracy of information for each of the product lines. A few example of the marketing collateral completed include:

As Project Manager for the rebranding of the Rail Services division project, I  worked with the President of Rail Services, the Rail Services Marketing team and outside vendors to create a new brand that was respectful of the Greenbrier corporate brand.  With a new brand and logo in hand, I supervised the development of marketing materials, signage, letterhead, business cards, and website.  I managed the implementation of the rebranding effort to 42 locations in North America. This project was completed in four months during 2007. I followed up the rebranding completion with a national public relations and advertising campaign.


Marketing Printed Collateral

It is not just about what you put online……

Some people get excited about food or fashion, I enjoy a great brochure or printed piece. I like the way really high quality printed material smells and feels.

I do not need cheaply printed magazines or catalogs when I can go online and get the same information, but when I get a beautiful, well printed magazine or catalog in the mail. I savor it, flip though it again and again, and I save it to enjoy later.

In print design, typography is one of the more crucial aspects. Typography is essential the practice of organizing, arranging, and modifying type. In print, typography doesn’t have to be plain and boring. It can be beautiful, creative, and colorful. There are a number of ways to liven up typography, such as creative and original layouts, using color variations, and use of fancy fonts.

Good layouts are easy to follow and provide clear reader cues to help the readers easily find their way through a piece. The layout techniques used in print has a direct impact on how the reader appreciates and experiences the story or product presented. There are four principles of design: balance, emphasis, rhythm, and unity. These principles of design help create a good layout that allows a reader a chance to quickly process the message.

Then there is the paper. Paper quality is important when deciding which type of paper to use for different print pieces. Is your piece for viewing or touching? Think about the effects of the weight, brightness, texture and coatings. From text to artwork, the paper chosen will affect the quality of the printing and the impression it has on the reader.

After Johannes Gutenberg’s dramatic invention of the printing press in 1440, relatively little changed in the print industry. Certainly, the desktop publishing revolution of the 1990’s made quality design and layout more easily and quickly attainable, but the mechanics of creating the printed image changed little. However the past decade has seen the smell of ink virtually disappear as more and more printers have made a total shift to digital, full color print.

The presence of printers ink smell is rare and when I get a piece with the distinct smell, I breathe it in deeply and enjoy it. Apparently there was a survey of women conducted in 2010 that concluded women are highly attracted to the smell of printers ink, paint and leather.  Then again, maybe that is the reason I enjoy opening a catalog or book with the strong smell of ink while sitting on my leather sofa. Who knows?

Healthcare Clinics Digital Audit

Healthcare Providers Competition (Medium to Small Clinics or Groups not Hospitals)

Digital Audit 1. ZoomCare
9 Locations

Google: Healthcare providers – Bottom of 2nd page; Medical Center – 0


Facebook:Link on homepage

  • 753 Like this, 21 talking about this
  • Photos: events, billboards, standard marketing type images
  • No Events
  • Questions/Polls: 5
  • Video: YouTube, 8 stories about 30 sec to 2 min
  • Posts: every couple of days
  • Place Pages for each location, Pearl District 54

LinkedIn: Business Profile, 40 Followers, 13 employees

Twitter: 282 tweets, 323 Following, 420 Followers, 34 Listed, Tweets weekly: Topics mostly health related, some news


  • Gowalla – 4 listings
  • Yelp – 8 listings, 97 Reviews
  • Foursquare – 10 Venues, 7 Tips, 1 People, 1 List

YouTube: 7 Uploads, Channel Views 1,719, Total Upload Views 6,867

Podcast: None found

Digital Audit 2. The Portland Clinic
6 Locations

Google: Healthcare Providers – 0; Medical Center – First page;

Facebook: Link on homepage

  • 457 Like this, 12 talking about this, 114 were here
  • Photos: Events, employees, standard marketing type images
  • Video: YouTube, 4, stories about 30 sec to 2 min
  • Notes: 3 Notes
  • Events: none
  • Join Us: posted careers
  • Posts: every couple of days, events, news, friendly

LinkedIn: None found – Business Profile, Followers, and Employees

Twitter: 776 tweets, 108 Following, 194 Followers, 18 Listed, Tweets daily, Topics mostly health related, some news, good


  • Gowalla – 1 from 6 months ago
  • Yelp – 6 LLC Locations Listings, no reviews; 4 w/o LLC Location Listings, 32 reviews; 12 Doctor Listings, No Reviews
  • Foursquare – Downtown, 115, People, 273 Checkins; Beaverton 72 People, 135 Checkins

YouTube: None found (many videos for basketball or music clinics)

Podcast/Newsletter: Quarterly

Digital Audit 3. Women’s Healthcare Associates
12 Locations

Homepage: Share Option

Google: Healthcare Providers– top of 2nd page, Medical Center – bottom of 2nd page

Facebook: Page, but I do not think it is an official page, 36 likes

LinkedIn: 2 Listings neither with Businesd Profile (very odd?)

  • Women’s Healthcare Associates – 29 followers, 27 employees
  • WOMENS HEALTHCARE ASSOCIATES – 35 followers, 28 employees

Twitter: None found


  • GoWalla – 0
  • Yelp – 4 LLC location listings: no reviews; 4 w/o LLC location listings: 6 Reviews
  • Foursquare – Barnes Rd, 53 People, 133 Checkins, 1 Tip

YouTube: 2010 Branding, 30 seconds, 29 views (many similar videos, but not the same group)

RSS Feeds: 2 – Wellness Journal and News