Yet another personality test

I find it interesting that so many companies are using personality tests.  This one is from RoundPegg and the overall results are as follows:

Culture: Command

  • certainty, precision, dependability
  • defined roles, systems and policies that ensure things are done the same way every time
  • decisions being made by leadership and then disseminated to others
  • be precise and concise
  • give me a decision to make

Personality: Supporter

  • be supportive and reliable
  • engage others in conversation
  • identify problems and create plans to solve them
  • give me the problem that needs solving
  • ask me to support someone in need

Communication: Guide

  • seek input from others before finalizing direction
  • provide several options for achieving goals
  • retain much control but ask others to contribute
  • come to me for suggestions
  • provide/request options that might work

More in-depth analysis


My highest attribute is Command.Command

Command cultures value certainty, precision, and dependability. Roles are clearly defined and systems and policies are in place to ensure that things are done the same way every time. Direction tends to come from the top and trickle down – so ideas within the organization may get lost. Focus is placed on process over people with the environment feeling structured and serious.

Leverage Your Strength:

Bring system and rigor to goal setting and other processes, enhancing the likelihood of achievement.

Close second is Collaboration, third is Cultivation and finally is Competence.

  • Collaboration cultures value synergy and cooperation – prioritizing team success over individual achievement.. They tend to develop and mandate concrete rules and responsibilities.


My highest attribute is Support.

SupporterYou have an Supporter personality style so you typically reach out to others and support those around you in a thoughtful, reliable manner. Supporters tend to engage others in conversation and trust the input received, rather than working to convince others of their way of thinking. Supporters’ nurturing, playful nature can sometimes be experienced as unprofessional or overly parental. In general, Supporters are supportive taskmasters who work to create harmony.

Leverage Your Strength:

Proactively provide support to individuals or projects in need of help.


My highest attribute is Guide.

GuideYou have a Guide communication style so you identify the goal to be achieved, and provide several options for achieving it. Guides focus on developing skills in others and increasing their capacity in a given role by building consensus around agreed upon goals and objectives. They retain most of the control over processes, but seek input from others before finalizing direction.

Leverage Your Strength:

Look for opportunities to suggest that several options for achieving a goal or completing an initiative be considered.

Second is Catalyst, closely followed by  Developer and finally is Expert.

  • People with Catalyst communication styles tend to remain hands-off and let others determine their own direction.
  • People with Developer communication styles tend to collaborate with others to identity solutions.

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