Brand of Me

personal-brandingWe all know that branding is critical in to large corporations and consumer goods.  Traditional brands ask themselves, “What is it that my product or service does that makes it different?” Did you know it is essential to your own success? Now ask yourself, “What makes me different?”

I decided it was time to brand myself.  I started by identifying the qualities or characteristics that make me distinctive from my colleagues. What would my colleagues or my customers say is your greatest strength or personal trait? So I asked, researched, tested, and evaluated my results and this is where it lead me.

facebook-map-650x451I want to make connections with people.

  • Build relationships between people, find the common bond, and help them help each other. Create connections between people and products or services to encourage collaboration and the spread of ideas.


tv_30_rock07I want to make you famous.

  • I want everyone to talk about you, remember your name, and buy your things. And I want to know that I made it happen, because I make things happen.


volvoI am cool and collected, reliable and dependable.

  • I want you to know that you do not need to worry about anything, because you have me working for you.


Flexible: accustomed to ambiguity, gear shifting, adapt or perish
Creative: problem solver, resourceful, clever, find solutions, look under rocks, turn on the light
Diligent: hard-working, taking initiative, bringing order to chaos, going the extra mile
Cooperative: cheerful, outgoing, agreeable, honest, a good egg


Zoomerang Survey

20 professional peers

  • Trustworthy, reliable, capable
  • Flexible, problem solver, innovative, creative
  • Organized, planner, great project management skills
  • Pleasant, enjoyable, positive, calm

Personalysis (Personality Survey)


  • Strengths
  • Problem solver, creative, innovative, imaginative, resourceful, life-long learner, motivated to gather information
  • Hard working, diligent, self directed, organized, variety, flexible, gets things done
  • Calm, open-minded, cheerful, outgoing, nice, agreeable, honest, friendly, team player, collaborative encourages ideas and discussion
  • Weaknesses
  • Attention to detail

Core Value Assessment (Personality Survey)


  • Primary core value is Innovator
  • The ability to see the way things are, and discern what to do about it. You accurately assess situations and provide solutions.
  • Strategic thinking is your forte. People see your ingenuity and resourcefulness. You pride yourself in seeing and understanding people and situations. Development of effective responses to situations is one of your primary contributions.
  • Secondary core value is Merchant
  • Working toward an inspired vision of what can be, by nurturing the core values in one’s self and in others. You thrive at building relationships and providing an inspired vision for those around you.
  • You are good at getting others to work for and with you. You like a new charge in your life and you like to be the charge in the lives of others. Motivating others with your visions and ideas is very satisfying.

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