Social Media Campaign and Implementation Summary

I have been working with a client on increasing their social media interactions.  Based on the clients needs, we determined Facebook would provide the highest level of impact for the business. Other digital efforts included

  • twitter campaign,
  • claiming the business on review sites, such as Yelp, Foursquare
  • coupon deal campaigns such as GroupOn, Sharing Spree
  • ensuring Google Maps had the business accurately placed and
  • email newsletter

IMG_1099During September and October, we implemented a social media campaign with a focus on Facebook.  First, I customized the clients Facebook site to align with the brand identity and included unique Facebook Pages to promote events, coupons, and newsletter.  Second, I developed a content strategy and schedule for postings.

Here are the results in a nut shell:


  1. Increased “Likes” by 33%
  2. New Likes from location: 800 (US), 15 (All other)
  3. New Likes by gender: 74.9% (Woman), 23.9% (Men)
  4. New Check-ins: 833 (US), 7 (All Other)
  5. October 26,27,28 and 10, 11, 12 showed the highest levels of interaction and reach
  • Oct 26-28 client posts included 3 photos and 1 videos and 2 event reminders
  • Oct 10-12 client posts included 2 photos and 2 links and 3 event reminders

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