I recently participated in a personality assessment. Here are the results in a nutshell:

– Mary likes to undertaking organizational challenges.
– Enjoys orchestrating a variety of activities.
– She has a friendly manner and is concerned about a team outcome.
– Uses different strategies and persuasion to get everyone to corporate and get things done.
– Does not mind interruptions and readily responds, accommodating
– Gets done by being task-oriented and maintaining direction.
– – Frustrated with those who cannot accommodate to change and refocus.
– Mary expects others to involve everyone, encouraging the exchange of ideas and discuss the available options.
– Will be a team player who cultivates harmony, shows enthusiasm and boosts constructive undertakings.
– Will employ diagnostic skills and come up with ways to do things better.
– Relies on ingenuity, considers roadblocks, develops insights, and pursues novel alternatives.
– Believes you ought to be perceptive, lend a hand, and provide a needed service.
– – Does not respond well to those who are too controlling and limit alternatives.
– Mary is strongly motivated to gather information and grasp what is going on.
– Wants to be innovative and engage in high minded activities.
– Organizes ideas, feelings, and perceptions into an associative web.
– In making decisions, makes comparison of like feature, looks for alternatives, use imagination and free thought for ambiguity.
– Implements decisions after considering the rationale.
– Self confidence is increased by sincere dialog and learning
– – Frustrated when unable to maintain independence and flexibility.


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