Mary Wiley Digital Audit

Mary Wiley is a pretty common name; google, linkedin, and facebook proved Mary Wiley has no significant presence on the web.

  1. Dr. Mary Wiley, Psychologist
  2. Mary Wiley, Fine Art
  3. Myself, 4th on Linkedin

Very Mary is an email that I created 10+ years ago, so I thought I would check into the web presenece of verymary.  And yes, I am not the first one to think up the brilliant idea of very Mary.  My digital audit of Very Mary:

  1. Very Mary, a childrens shop in Winona, MS
  2. I am Very Mary, vintage designs,
  3. Very Mary, photography and designs,
  4. Very Mary Kate, seems to be popular for the followers of Mary Kate Olsen

Seems like good company. At least there are no criminals, but there is still time to discover some oddballs associated to my name.

Options for Mary Wiley (based availablity)

  1. VeryMaryW
  2. Very_Mary_
  3. Very_Mary_W
  4. Very_Mary_Wiley

Now to get all my accounts to coordinate: gmail, twitter, facebook, blog, youtube, and flickr.


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